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Why, why, why ?

No, really, these people have nerve, asking you for money… Seriously, they could simply stick Google ads everywhere… So here’s a short explanation.

KsP operating conditions

Anyone working for Ksp does so entirely for free. Hours of work, without paying. Granted, nobody forces us to do this and we envision it as a service to fellow fans. This is not a problem for us.

Travelling and everything else is for our personal enjoyment, so we are not going to complain about it.

However, setting up and running a website are not free.

- Hardware, softwares and sometimes, plugins, have to be bought. Moreover, we take photographs and record videos. If you are conversant with it, you will know that equipment is expensive and needs updating frequently.
- When it comes to web hosting, servers and domain names do have a price.

And as far as we are concerned, to tell you the truth, we have regular jobs, with average salaries. The nicer the website looks, the smoother it runs, the more it depletes our incomes. We are not going to cry about it, but not going to lie about it either.

What do we get out of KsP ?

Financially speaking, nothing.

No financial support, no sponsorship. And we could not find a wealthy patron either.

We decided a long time ago not to feature ads on our website since :

- As visitors we dislike them,
- They make websites look ugly,
- They generate virtually no income (the same goes for donation requests, we assume),
- You rarely get to select their contents (and personally, we are sick of the one about “that old lady who looks like she is 25”). Had we got complete control over the featured brands and products, there would be no worries. But as we have witnessed way too often in our jobs, it is impossible. So we decided there was NO WAY this was ever happening with KsP.

The websites features an Amazon shop, which generally yields a return ranging from nothing at all to very little (we are talking about a few cents here).

Hence, we decided to include a “give” button to receive your potential gifts.

Help us

If you are penniless, you can “like” our Facebook page and / or send us a message to let us know you enjoy our work. Crazy as it may sound, in spite of an increasing (and far from unpleasant) number of visitors, we receive very little feedback. And honestly, this would hugely please us.

If you do not wish to give us anything directly, you can buy the Kasabian merchandising on Amazon through this website. We will not get much out of it, but it will not cost you anything : it is an entirely clear process and you will proceed to secure payment on Amazon as usual.

If you find KsP useful, and wish to donate a little something, (even a very little something), you can press the button (secure payment via Paypal). (Biscuits and smiles are also very welcome but money will be more useful).

Thanking you in advance for your support,

The KsP Team

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